audiovisual laser performance [2015]

Lumière II is an audiovisual composition for four lasers and sound. The building blocks of the piece are a new type of events, composed of a visual shape and a sonic counterpart. The work is based on a few hundred of these audiovisual 'notes', arranged in four parallel streams, to create a previously unseen highly synchronized immersive experience. The lasers project on a large screen, and in parts of the work on a wall of fog, which also makes the intensive beams of light visible in the air, connecting the lasers in the back of the room with the screen in the front, forming fragile temporary objects above the audience. The special quality of the laser light allows to combine complete darkness with moments of extreme brightness, pure white light with intense saturated colors and precise movements with complex organic shapes.

Lumière II is driven by several interconnected pieces of software, written by the artist. Those programs create rapid successions of vector graphic images, as well as the associated sonic events.

Lumière II takes some ideas and experiences from the original version of the work, Lumière ( 2013) , but with a very different focus and aesthetics. The first version was based on improvisation and on the resulting rough gestures. The software for that version did not allow to draw more complex shapes. A huge part of the work on Lumière II was the development of a much more powerful software framework, allowing the creation of very intricate and detailed figures and a more complex sound synthesis engine.

Lumière II has been created between summer and winter 2014. It had its première on February 19 2015 at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris.

Photos on this page by Anna Katharina Scheidegger

Details about the technical background of Lumière I and II can be found here.

Lumière II has been made possible through the generous support by LaserAnimation Sollinger, Berlin [link]