Lima Solo Exhibition

Works shown at Espacio Fundacion Telefonica in Lima: Ritual (revised version 2019), Phosphor, Fragile Territories (revised version 2019)

Cosin Laser Installation

New laser installation as part of TRY AGAIN FAIL AGAIN FAIL BETTER - Impuls Bauhaus, a festival of the Folkwang University of Arts

Monolake Live in Brussels

[Zollverein / exitstrategy - facebook event link] | []

Lumiere performances

Ticket presale for Bialystok: [external link]

PitchLoop89 is a new Max4Live device by Robert Henke, available in April.

CBM 8032 AV performance

Audiovisual performance using computers from 1980. Premiere to be announced soon

Comission by IRCAM / Ensemble Intercontemporain. More concerts in 2020 coming

DOF installation